ProLine Counters & Timers

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PL2000 Count vs. Target & Rate Counter

Know your production count / rate at any given time of the day.  The PROLINE PL2000 Counter is perfect for displaying Count vs. Target, Count, Rate, or Count & Rate on your production lines to allow you to know your production numbers real time. 


PL2001 Dynamic Timer

The ProLine Dynamic Timer allows companies to monitor back up on production lines.  Set the value for the timer.  Once the photo-sensor is blocked for that time, the output contacts will close allowing you to light a lamp, sound a buzzer, or signal other equipment.

PL1000 Total Counter


The ProLine PL1000 Total Counter is an 8-position 7-segment display perfect for real-time counting on your production lines.  Simple and affordable.  The Total Counter comes complete with power supply and diffuse sensor with a 2" fixed sensing range and 3m cable.