OT-99ST1250EXA: ST-1250 Vacuum Assist EX Belt Kit

Output Technology's Part Number: OT-99ST1250EXA

Streamfeeder ST-1250 Vacuum Assist, EX Discharge Belt Kit


NOTE: In many cases, only 4 grooved belts are needed even though 6 are installed from the factory.  If you wish to have all 6 grooved belts, simply add (2) OT-10162 to your order.



- 23500162 Grooved Gum Feed Belt (OT-10162) x4

- 44485003 Vacuum Assist Feed Belt (OT-10012)

- 51330001 Adjustable Transport Discharge Belt (OT-10003)

- 51330012 Adjustable Transport Discharge O-Ring (OT-10002) x2

- 43500096 Timing Belt Motor Drive 170XL037 (OT-10001)

- 23560078 Timing Belt 78XL037 (OT-10004)

- 44657006 Advancing O-Ring Soft (OT-10006) x12

OT-99ST1250EXA: ST-1250 Vacuum Assist EX Belt Kit


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