NEW Inkjet and Inserter Feeders

Increase the productivity of your swing-arm-inserters and inkjet/tabbing equipment with the Maxim Series Friction Feeders.  Maxim RX-9s, Maxim RX-12c

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Belts, Belt-Kits, Rollers, and Parts

High Quality aftermarket replacement parts and belts for Accufast, Ameritek, Longford, Maxim, Multifeeder, Pfankuch, Straight Shooter, Streamfeeder, Surefeed, Videojet

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Production Counters

Know your product rate, real-time.  The ProLine TRC from Factrac is the perfect replacement for Olden brand counters that are no longer available.


Sorting Systems

Sorting for inkjet and inserting equipment.  Coming soon


Reconditioned Feeders

High quality reconditioned feeders.  Rebuilt to like new condition.  Feeders for inserting, inkjetting, packaging, and more.


Used Equipment

Used equipment including collators, conveyors, production counters, integration accessories, and more.


Vacuum Conveyors

Vacuum conveyors for mail & print fulfillment.  Coming soon



CleanCoat sprayers are the leaders in ultra-fine mist dispensing of disinfectant cleaners and sprays.  Easily and effortlessly sanitize your car, work, home and more.

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Do you have a Streamfeeder or Surefeed feeder that needs repair or rebuilding?  We do that too. 


Call us at 763-546-9078 to learn more about our rebuild services and how we can keep your feeders running smoothly.

Call us if what you are searching for isn't available, or for any questions about improving the efficiency of your production line or process.

WE BUY USED FRICTION FEEDERS Let us know what you have.

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