Maxim RX-9s 6x9 Replace-A-Station Feeder

Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.  The Maxim RX-9s Inserter Feeder is the most versatile feeder on the market.  It is designed to replace the traditional vacuum station on a swing arm inserter.  Feed a variety of product types and sizes including Z-fold, C-fold, Plastic Cards, and more.  The RX-9s can also be used as a continuous feeder on your inkjet system by simply positioing the photo-sensor so it is not sensing product.  Does not include hold down springs.  If required, order separate in the Streamfeeder new parts tab.


Testimonial "The RX9's are the best feeders we have seen so far.  It works on almost any application we have at our shop and have proven to perform much better than any other feeder.  Our maintenance team will always grab the RX9 feeder if there is a need for a feeder on our inserting equipment on the initial setup.  Changeovers from insert to insert are very minimal thanks to the RX9.  We just love them"  - High volume lettershop in Des Moines, IA


Product Sizes: 2"W x 3"L - 8.75"W x 6"L (Custom length extensions available).
Maximum Speed: 400 ft/min
Product Stack Height: 16"
Product Thickness: .004" - .375"
Utilities Requirement: 115 vac - 3A - 50/60Hz

Maxim RX-9s 6x9 Replace-A-Station Feeder


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